SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Union College students have created a tool that will help a start-up company build cloth diapers and employ people with disabilities.

Three students at Union College have created a prototype to help people with disabilities enter the workforce.

This group’s capstone project will do more than earn a final grade.

“It was a little nerve wracking because we know that this is something that they’re expecting this to actually work like this needs to actually change some lives,” Raquel Paramo, Senior at Union College, said.

Paramo and her teammates have created something of a stencil that will help guide fabric though a snapping machine to make a new version of cloth diapers.

“We’ve actually bridged the gap between disposable and cloth diaper with our flushies, our flushable liner that’s made with cornstarch,” Sandra Beck, CEO of Tidy Tots, said.

The diapers are made by people with disabilities through the Schenectady ARC. The adaptive feature makes the manufacturing process easier and safer.

“Allowing many of the individuals that we serve an opportunity to do that job task. So it’s very beneficial to our organization,” Valerie Andreoli, Schenectady ARC, said.

So no matter what grade these students walk away with, they’ll know they made a difference.

“Really proud that we were able to help some people out,” Paramo said.

The plastic prototype will be made out of steel and hopefully be in use in the summer.