TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Typically, the Uncle Sam Parking Garage in Troy is filled with parked vehicles, but starting Wednesday, the garage is closed indefinitely.

Troy City Mayor Patrick Madden says his office received numerous complaints regarding the garage. After the city’s code enforcement and engineering departments inspected the garage, they deemed the it not safe. “Our engineer saw conditions that concerned him we so have closed the garage to protect the public health and safety,” says Madden. This isn’t the first time the garage has closed because of safety concerns.

The garage is privately owned by The Bryce Companies, a local real estate business. NEWS10 reached out on Wednesday and have no comment.

On Tuesday, permit holders received an email from the company regarding the closure, it states they’re in the process of getting an engineer and says ‘no one should be alarmed’. “We’ll work with the owners and the owner’s engineer to identify and delineate the corrective actions that are necessary,” says Mayor Madden.

Some garage permit holders who didn’t want to go on camera say on some rainy days they would see a gooey white substance fall onto their cars. They’re happy the city is looking into this, but now the question is, where can they park? You are able to buy a city parking permit through the city’s website. “We do have spaces that we can accommodate these people can buy permits in city lots and in city parking facilities…for the next couple of days, [parking holders] can park on the street with that pass but they should make every effort to secure a valid parking permit,” says Mayor Madden.  

Local organizations including the Troy Waterfront Farmers Market hope this issue gets resolved before the weekend.

“Many of our customers use the Uncle Sam Parking Garage while shopping at the Market and visiting downtown stores and restaurants. Its closure will have a negative impact on our customers, the market and the whole of downtown. We hope the issues with the Uncle Sam Parking Garage will be resolved before this Saturday’s market, like the last time this happened. If it is closed, there is free parking on city streets and in two nearby city garages, located on State Street and on Fifth Avenue. These options are within a few blocks of the market, shops and restaurants. If it does turn out to be an indefinite closure, the market will explore other parking options.” 

Steve Ridler, Manager of the Troy Waterfront Farmers Market.