ULSTER COUNTY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — An Ulster County resident was ticketed for illegally shooting and killing ducks on several violations. Department of Environmental Conservation Officers (ECOs) withheld the name of the resident.

ECOs say on Saturday, February 25, they received a video on Snapchat showing someone sneaking up on two ducks swimming in a pond and firing four shots, killing them. With waterfowl seasons for the region closed, ECOs went to the subject’s house, which was also the location of the shooting, to interview them.

ECOs say during the interview, the subject admitted to shooting the ducks while a friend videotaped it. They were issued tickets for taking waterfowl out of season, hunting without a license, taking a migratory game bird without a federal duck stamp, taking waterfowl with an unplugged shotgun, and taking waterfowl with lead shot.