KINGSTON, N.Y. (NEWS10) — After Tesha’s owner passed away unexpectedly, she and her feline housemate were left to fend for themselves. The kitty eventually outlived her furry friend and was left completely alone—that is, until she was brought to the Ulster County SPCA.

“When she was found, she was barely alive,” a spokesperson for the animal shelter said on Facebook Thursday. “Although her appearance was of a well-cared-for cat, her body was shutting down from acute starvation and dehydration.”

Tesha was hospitalized with round-the-clock care for four days, as she slowly regained strength and fought to live. Once out of the hospital, she received daily care from the SPCA’s veterinary team while her recovery continued.

“It was thrilling for all of us the first day she got up on her own, purring and rubbing her head on the kennel door for pets,” the Facebook post continued. “She is fully recovered and a happy, healthy cat who is already a staff and volunteer favorite with her loving nature and true spirit to survive.”

Tesha is now available for adoption on the SPCA website. The shelter spokesperson concluded, “Tesha’s name means ‘survivor,’ named so because it’s what she is.”

With Tesha’s recovery complete, the animal shelter said it is facing an unexpected $15,000 bill for emergency veterinary care over the last three months. “This is almost our entire budget for the year for such care outside of our own veterinary team, so to have this bill for only one quarter is unheard of and unprecedented, but entirely necessary to save the lives of the many animals who arrived to us in this period, literally on death’s door,” SPCA officials commented.

In light of this, the nonprofit has asked for donations. Monetary gifts can be sent online, or via snail mail to 20 Wiedy Road, in Kingston. For more information, email