KERHONKSON, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The Open Space Institute (OSI) announced Monday that a restoration of the High Point Carriage Road at Minnewaska State Park Preserve is underway. The project will allow for recreational access to a part of the park that has been inaccessible for the majority of users for over 25 years. Once the restoration is completed, OSI will have completed their longstanding goal to connect the interior of Minnewaska State Park Preserve to Sam’s Point, linking the park’s two visitor centers, and restoring more than 15 miles of the park’s popular carriage roads.

The $1.2 million dollar project is set to be completed by the end of summer 2023. Improvements to the High Point Carriage Road include a mix of restoration and full reconstruction, including a 1,200-foot realignment, new bridges, and enhanced drainage installations. The upgrades will repair the washed out, rocky, and uneven services of the existing carriage road, improve the flow of stormwater in the area, and widen the path to better accommodate visitors.

The restored carriage roads will also play a critical role in helping park staff and emergency responders act during crisis. The carriage roads serve as emergency access routes that weave throughout the park, and during wildfire events the carriage roads act as “fire breaks” and are barriers that slow the progression of fire.

After a competitive bidding process, OSI has partnered with Mombaccus Excavating from Kerhonkson to complete the restoration. As the project progresses, the public is reminded that the site is an active construction area and is asked to respect road closures to stay clear of construction equipment.