KINGSTON, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Kingston School District’s Dietz Stadium and Andretta pool are undergoing some improvements. The Dietz Stadium and Andretta Pool Improvements Project is a $20 million improvement project to renovate and modernize the stadium complex.

The city of Kingston explains phase one has already been completed which included the exterior of the pool house, improvements and repairs to the pool, and the addition of the splash pad. Phase two construction began in September 2022 with a complete renovation of the interior of the pool house and is expected to be completed this spring. The remainder of phase two is focused on the stadium and its surroundings. Pre-construction work such as sub-soil borings, hazardous material testing, and site clearing began in the fall of 2022. 

Kingston reports the project was started with $2.5 million from the $10 million DRI award the city won in 2017. This initial funding is covering the costs of the full master plan and designs as well as the construction of some elements identified in the plan. Construction of the remaining elements will continue in the future as the city secures additional funding. The city of Kingston explains the master plan includes improvements to the pool and pool house (including installation of a new splash pad), scoreboard, bleachers, water fountains, fencing and gates, sound and Wi-Fi systems, lighting, bike racks, locker rooms, bathrooms, food vending, signage, parking and more.