KINGSTON, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Kingston is looking better following clean-up of tornado aftermath that hit the city last week. A storm threat Monday looked to possibly double down on some of the damage, but the heavy rain and thunder didn’t come close to the weather seen last week.

City and county officials were prepared for anything on Monday, just in case.

“We try to go around and unblock some of the catch basins to prevent the water from backing up, we put barricades out in known locations where there will be flooding so that the fire department and police department can utilize our barricades to block roads and keep things safe,” said Edward Norman, Superintendent of Kingston DPW.

On Saturday, residents in Kingston and the surrounding area were still picking up debris from Wednesday evening’s EF-1 tornado and macroburst. Our News10 crew saw downed and uprooted trees across the city. Utility trucks are other specialized vehicles were still on the road surveying damage.

“We’ve never seen a tornado in Kingston before, no,” said Kingston resident Ari Goldstein. Ari watched the madness happen from his window. “The conditions were pretty brutal out there.”

Ari’s car tent ended up destroyed in the middle of the street. He snapped a picture of the aftermath of a tree slamming down on his neighbor’s property across the street. “It was a wild sight to see.”

5-year-old Jack and 2-year-old Quinn Kelly are brothers. They were getting ready for bed right before mother nature took its turn. “The trees came down… and it looked like the whole town was ruined,” said Jack. Luckily, no one was seriously hurt. During the massive power outage, Jack made the best of it. He and his brother helped mom and dad with the cleanup.

Many of the residents are applauding the city’s ongoing clean-up efforts. “The tree folks came immediately in certain areas in town you could hardly tell that a tornado came through except for all of the wood chips on the pavement,” said Kingston resident Lee Kelly.

Kingston Mayor Steve Noble stated DPW will continue to collect yard waste and brush over the next couple of weeks. Only limbs less than 10 inches in diameter will be collected. Anything larger should be broken down into smaller pieces.

Thank you for your patience as we continue to get cleaned up from this storm, and thank you to all those who helped their neighbors & friends. It’s during times like this that we come together as a community, and once again, I’m proud of Kingston’s resilience.

Mayor Steve Noble, City of Kingston

According to Central Hudson Power, everyone’s power has been restored in the area that was affected by the mid-week storm.