Uber Eats food delivery app launches in the Capital Region


ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A half a year after Uber came to the Capital Region, the service is now delivering food in Albany.

Ron Conti picks up his first Uber Eats order. He signed on as an Uber driver on day one to earn some extra cash.

“With three kids in college, I got a lot of bills to pay,” Conti said.

About six months after ride-sharing arrived in the Capital Region, drivers can now deliver food in their downtime.

“During the day at lunchtime, it’s really not busy at all, I mean you’re not getting rides.”

But that’s when people are most hungry and now they can use their Uber app to order a meal from a variety of local restaurants, like the Albany Pump Station. It’s been around for almost 20 years, but owner Neil Evans says this gives them the exposure they need.

“We’re sort of invisible right now because of where we are and because of all the construction around us, people don’t know we’re here,” Evans said.

He’s hoping people will get a taste of their food through the app and become loyal customers. Never before had you been able to order delivery from the Pump Station, and Uber Spokesperson Danielle Filson says that’s one of the things that sets this service apart from the rest.

“You can track your order and see it coming in the car on the map the same way you do with your ride,” Filson said.

Each order has a delivery fee of $5.99. Other apps and restaurants offer free delivery but Filson says customers are willing to pay to get their food fast.

“The order is going to be delivered quickly and efficiently because our drivers are already out there on the roads doing rides.”

Conti is one of them, driving off in his mobile office, ready to give you or your food a ride.

“There are so many drivers around in the Capital Region in the Albany area and we’ll be able to pick up the food.”

Right now, the service is only available for downtown Albany but is planning to expand.

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