ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) -In a letter sent to the student body, Student Affairs of UAlbany reached out with resources for those struggling due to the conflict between Israel and Hamas. Advice includes practicing self-care and talking to supportive people both at school and back home.

In response, the UAlbany Muslim Student Association gathered community members to listen to both groups affected by the conflict. They feel that Muslim voices aren’t being heard enough. “We’ve seen the university sent a letter that acknowledges the loss of life on Israel’s side but doesn’t on the Palestinian side,” described Public Relations Chair of the UAlbany Muslim Student Association, Ousmane Diallo.

As speakers discussed political struggles, they made sure to tie back to the humanitarian issues of the war. “We really do mourn the innocent lives lost on both sides of this battle. At the end of the day, death is death, and we mourn death. It is in the Islamic faith that killing is not something that we support,” said President of the UAlbany Muslim Student Association, Mohamed Mustafa.

Just as Governor Hochul announced Americans and Israelis have lost their lives due to the conflict, Palestinian students shared the same. “It’s not just the government or like the groups going at it. There’s people, civilians that have nothing to do with it that are being hurt,” explained Students for Justice in Palestine Member, Saja Hamayel.

As they worry about how the conflict unfolds back home, students are raising money for kids suffering in Gaza. A fundraiser by Students for Justice in Palestine and Lambda Phi Epsilon Fraternity brought in more than $600.

“There is no water, there’s no electricity. There’s not power for them to keep themselves afloat during this time,” stated Public Relations Chair of the Lambda Phi Epsilon International Fraternity Inc., Ahmad Nassar.