(CNN) — Governors face tough choices about how quickly to loosen the restrictions in place to help curb the spread of coronavirus, balancing serious questions about the economy and public health.

In some parts of Florida, they are going back to the beaches this weekend. In New York, the governor is skeptical the testing required to get reopening going is there.

In some parts of the country where they see the coronavirus curve flattening, there is still, a great deal of caution, like Chicago.

Dr. Allison Arwady said, “Obviously we need to make sure that rate of increase is really going down before we can talk seriously about reopening things.”

Governor Andrew Cuomo of hard-hit New York, said Saturday his state’s hospitalization and death rates are falling, but getting back to business will require more widespread testing, renewing his call for federal help.

Governor Cuomo said, “Testing is how you monitor the rate of infection and you control for it, and that is the whole tension in reopening.”

Other parts of the country, are relaxing some restrictions this weekend.

In Florida, Governor Ron Desantis gave the green light for some beaches to reopen. Jacksonville beachgoers face limited hours, and are asked to keep safe distances.

Meanwhile, Vice President Pence left Washington and traveled to Colorado Springs Saturday, to speak at the Air Force Academy’s commencement. Graduates marched and sat at safe distances.

Vice President Mike Pence, “We gather at a time of national crisis as the coronavirus epidemic impacts our nation”

The ceremony taking place as The Pentagon, said Defense Secretary Mark Esper, will extend travel restrictions through June 30, continuing to halt the movement of military personnel and families to new assignments, around the world.