ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10)- Governor Andrew Cuomo signed two pieces of legislation on Tuesday that he said will help the state decrease gun violence. He announced the legislation at a press conference where he declared a gun violence disaster emergency, the first in the nation.

One legislation would allow gun manufacturers to be held responsible for guns used to create a public nuisance and the second would prevent the sale of guns to anyone with an outstanding warrant, felony, or serious offense.

“Of all the challenges we face every day in New York, few are as difficult to bear as the scourge of gun violence plaguing our communities,” Gov. Cuomo said. “The only industry in the United States of America immune from lawsuits are the gun manufacturers, but we will not stand for that any longer.

Under the new law, gun manufacturers could be sued if “reasonable controls and procedures are not in place” to prevent their guns from being used in a way that endangers the health and safety of the public.

“Today, we’re taking bold action to address this crisis head-on by enacting the strongest gun industry liability law in the nation. This new law makes it clear: New York will not hesitate to hold gun companies accountable for reckless and irresponsible actions that lead to bloodshed in our streets,” said Senator Zellnor Myrie.

“Passing this landmark legislation will allow gun manufacturers and distributors, who knowingly use bad actors to market their products, to be held civilly liable for the damage they cause on our streets. We have led the nation on gun legislation — and we aren’t letting up now to help keep New Yorkers safe from the scourge of gun violence,” Assembly Member Patricia Fahy said.