TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A Troy man says he’s tired of seeing his hometown getting trashed, literally.

Garbage strewn outside of homes and along city sidewalks; he says he’s got the pictures to prove how bad it is and they’ve gone viral.

“I have people commenting from all over the world looking at the home of Uncle Sam saying the Collar City is up to its collar in trash,” said Jeff Belshwinder of Sidewinder Photography.

Jeff Belschwinder points to dozens of photos he recently snapped around Troy, displaying the garbage around the city.

Belschwinder is a lifelong resident, a local firefighter, who also ran for city council. He’s best known as the man behind Sidewinder Photography posting pictures of fire scenes, but it’s the garbage pictures are the grabbing all the attention; reaching more than more than three million Facebook users.

“This was designed to catch people’s attention to see what’s going on in our city. Not what’s being portrayed by our eyebrows business improvement district//we need them to focus on the outskirts of the city as much as the downtown,” Belschwinder said.

NEWS10 ABC spotted plenty of examples ourselves.

So what’s going on?

Troy recently increased its yearly garbage collection fee from $29 to $160 per residence or residential unit.

But, City Councilman Jim Gulli says that’s not the reason for the dumping. That it’s a yearly issue.

“Let’s really look at the situation for what it is. It’s coming up to springtime and snow has melted there’s lots of garbage that has been strewn around either out of a garbage can, or we do have people who drop things around the street,” Gulli said.

NEWS 10 ABC asked Commissioner of General Services Chuck Wojton about the issue.

“We address the issues as quick as we can. If there’s garbage out and we know about it we are going to take care of it. They can notify the city by going to our website,” Wojton said.

Troy City Council President, Carmella Mantello said she’s going to bring up the garbage issue during her legislative address tonight.