TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — A boil water advisory remains in effect in Troy following Monday’s Water Main break. Troy’s deputy mayor said that the results of two tests will come back by Thursday which will determine if an advisory is still necessary.

Water main break in Troy

Meanwhile, the streets are now dry two days after that water main break but damage from the incident and questions about where we go from here remain. 

“I’m in a hole. You know. Spend money to get the house to pay off our taxes and, you just have to wonder how much more.. money it’s gonna cost…” said Juan Rosado. 

A hole quite literally opened up near Juan’s back driveway following a water main break on Monday. 

The open wound sits on 124th street. The scars of the break are still evident; cracks, rocks and all. 

NEWS10 was informed that the Water Main was repaired but crews were still working on the local sewage line as of Wednesday afternoon. 

Rosado questions whether the rapturous water rupture was a random act of God or if the cast iron pipe’s failure was a classic case of aging infrastructure? 

“I think it’s an act of God it’s just as likely that you could’ve seen a Water Main break 20 feet down the road,” said Troy Deputy Mayor Chris Nolin. “The pipe appeared to be in good condition” he added. 

When it came to infrastructure the deputy mayor ruled out age. He said at last check the pipes were in good condition and any number of factors from construction to soil type. could’ve caused this issue.

As for prevention, Nolin says that’s difficult.  Water pressure monitor systems were in place however, they only notify them after a rupture.

He did say the notification system did allow crews to respond promptly. 

Nolin says a key in preventing these breaks is making sure adequate supervision to Troy’s water system is in place. He says the mayor put a bill before city council to split the water system supervisory position into three roles

A  supervisor each for . water distribution, sewer distribution and the water plant.

“We’ve looked at other municipalities, and their operations that are as large as ours and this is the right leadership structure” said Nolin.

Rosado’s back driveway is adjacent to the epicenter of the break. He lost several items, including a beloved 2005 Corvette. He says insurance will foot the bill for the car but as for his driveway….

“ We can’t use public dollars to improve private property. There’s a constitutional restriction upon that” Nolin said.

Deputy Mayor Nolin says the city is in ongoing conversations with Rosado, and that Juan should contact his insurance company.