TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Two schools are closed and several residents impacted in South Troy following a water main break on Polk St. and Second St.

KIPP Troy Prep Middle School and High School are closed, according to district media representative Kate Better.

Gary Reynolds, Water and Sewer Supervisor for the City of Troy, said he believes the weight of concrete used to cover an exposed water line caused a larger pipe to break. Reynolds said over 10 million gallons of water leaked out of the pipes.

“We are going to have to put out a boil water,” Reynolds said. “Anybody who does not have water now will have to boil water when it comes back on, anybody who has water right now will not have to boil water.”

News10 spoke with Kenneth Tufts, a resident on Second St., who said their basement began flooding with 3 feet of water early Tues. morning. He said he is now focused on recovery and repair.

“It’s not surprising, we live in Troy,” Tufts said. “Troy is one of the oldest cities in the area so it’s not surprising to have a water main break.”

Reynolds said they are hoping to restore water access by the end of the day. Residents from Tyler St. to the Menands Bridge will be affected by the boil water advisory.