TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – On Friday, September 17, Troy Police said they will provide police staffing at Lansingburgh schools for the day after a social media post suggested violence will occur at a Lansingburgh school.

Detectives investigated the social media threats overnight and said they had no credibility.

Troy Police will still be adding police staffing at schools to provide additional safety and calm any community concerns. “Because of the reaches of social media— this thing went viral pretty quick. We still thought it would best have a extended presence at the schools during the day, largely just to calm to nerves — there’s really no security threat that we see,” says Troy’s Assistant Chief of Police Steven M. Barker.

At the Lansingburgh Schools, there will be a School Resource Officer assigned and another officer within the school for the entire day. Also, patrol resources will be at the schools throughout the day with specific assignments at arrival and dismissal.

Some parents are students tell NEWS10 they felt relieved seeing the heavy police presence during Friday’s dismissal. “I feel secure that my kids are safe right now. It’s nerve wrecking they have to see this — no one wants to go to school and see they have to be guarded by police because of a threat. It is scary for my children and we educate them the best we can,” says Lansingburgh parent Sarah Smith.

After several concerns, LCSD Antonio Abitabile sent an email to parents this morning regarding the threats.

…We take these threats seriously and have spent the better part of last night investigating these allegations.  By working with the Troy Police Department and our leadership team, we have gotten to the source of these allegations and determined that they are not credible. As a safety precaution, the Troy PD will have a heavy presence around our schools, starting with arrival this morning. We will continue to monitor this situation throughout the day and contact all of you again if anything changes. Additionally, I believe that we should realize a drastic improvement with the efficiency of our bus transportation.

Antonio Abitabile, LCSD Superintendent of Schools