TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — On a Lansingburgh street corner sits the Troy Police Department’s new mobile surveillance trailer. While the trailer is there now, it could be somewhere else in the city on any given day.

The trailer, according to Assistant Chief of Police Steven Barker, gives the department flexibility in terms of establishing clearly visible surveillance cameras. “It became increasingly apparent that we needed some mobile solution. We would get a call for an uptick of incidents in a certain area or potentially a mass gathering or a public event and we realized it wasn’t cost effective to permanently affix a camera in that location,” Barker says.

The cameras on the trailer are live-streamed and recorded on the existing city camera system which has been overhauled and continues to undergo expansions. “By no means do the cameras solve the violence, by no means do the cameras put an end to the violence but it’s one component of the overall approach we are using,” explains Barker.

The trailer will be deployed year round. Where it is used will depend on department needs, community feedback, and in areas experiencing an increase in crime. “In the infancy we’ll move it to some areas where we’ve seen increased violence or increased calls for service. We see it as a pretty full throttle solution for the rest of our agency whether it’s community service events or whether it’s events at schools or anywhere we need an additional presence we can move this trailer.”