TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Troy police arrested a man for criminal possession of a weapon in the third-degree after an investigation took place during Sunday night’s protest.

Noah Latham, 21, from Fort Drumm, was arrested and arraigned in Troy City Court .

Police is currently the rest of the individuals who were wearing fatigue type clothing during Sunday night’s protest. They believe there are additional charges possible for other members of the group.

According to Deputy Chief of Police Daniel DeWolf, police received intelligence there was a group of suspicious individuals in downtown Troy. Police conducting a preliminary investigation after the group made its way to the City Station garage on 6th Avenue. Troy Mayor Patrick Madden says they were detained and questioned by police.

The group is currently being questioned about their motives, and police are trying to determine if the weapons are legally possessed. The three vehicles belonging to the group were towed and secured for further investigation.