TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Kim Ashe-McPherson resigned from Troy City Council Thursday morning after she was convicted of election fraud. She pleaded guilty to identity theft for illegally possessing and using another person’s means of identification in both the 2021 primary and general elections.

“I hope people don’t think that this reflects on everybody in Troy,” Mayor Patrick Madden said. “There’s a tendency to paint all elected and public officials with the same brush but most elected officials are good people, they’re in it for the right reasons, they play by the rules.” 

Madden issued a statement after McPherson’s guilty plea saying multiple Rensselaer County employees are also under investigation. With election integrity being questioned, the city is now reevaluating how to move forward.

The City council will form a committee to work with district two residents and appoint a temporary council member. Then, there will be a formal election in November.

Madden called for a special meeting to appoint McPherson’s opponent, Steve Figueroa, to the seat. City council President Carmella Mantello said there needs to be more input from city residents before the council votes.

“I want to make sure our process on a legislative branch is open, transparent and includes the people of district two, inclusive, fair and not just throw out a name,” Mantello said.

A special city council meeting will be held Friday, June 10, at 6:00 p.m. to vote on the Mayor’s endorsed replacement for city council.