TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10)- With almost 30 years in the gaming industry, Velan Studios co-owner Karthik Bala says there’s a great opportunity for game developers in New York. The gaming industry veteran says the global gaming market and a surge in the gaming audience since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic are the results of an ever-evolving market.

New York is number four in the United States for gaming development and is a $930+ million dollar industry for digital game development in the state, according to Empire State Development. Bala says he’d like New York to become number one in the country and there are endless possibilities that would provide jobs and tax revenue.

Bala says the same things that excited him and his brother enough to create Vicarious Visions when they were in high school are the same things that excite him about the industry now. He says local gaming developers are supportive of each other and there’s room for more companies.

On making sure Velan Studios employees had the capability to work from home Bala says it forced them to upgrade their technology to allow the movement of large amounts of data and it also allowed them to recreate the experience of online gaming earlier in the game development process making a better product.


Just like many parents and caregivers working from home, Bala says his family has had to find a way to balance. He says he treasures the time set aside for his daughters in the afternoon to drink tea or play outside. When asked if his daughters play video games he jokingly says he spends more time playing than they do. “We game as a family, and it’s a really special thing.”