COLONIE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A local municipality already fighting low staffing within their fire department being dealt another blow when five of their firefighters were injured during a training exercise. NEWS10 has the latest on what happened and how those firefighters are doing.

Just about 9:30 Thursday state and local firefighters were at the Colonie Municipal Training Center for a week’s long program. A fire burning out of control sending five Troy City firefighters to the hospital with injury.

“We had 11 people in that class at the Colonie tower that are seasoned fire officers, captains, lieutenants. So, I believe there’s one firefighter but they’re all guys that have 10 plus years on the job they’ve seen plenty of fire,” said local 86 firefighter Union President Eric Wisher.

According to the State’s Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services the firefighters sustained minor burn-related injuries during the live fire exercises. Wisher says this could have been much worse.

“The temperatures could have got hotter; they could have got burned worse. Luckily, most of the burns were first and second degree and they can be treated locally. We didn’t have to send people to Westchester to the burn center,” said wisher.

The Union President confirms all the firefighters have been released from hospital and are on the mend. This all coming at a time when the Troy City fire department has been dealing with staffing issues, but the fire chief says his department will continue to provide adequate services.

“The firefighters are well taken care of and they’re you know the citizens of the city of Troy don’t have to worry we will make absolutely certain that the level of protection is taken care of these firefighters are out injured,” said Troy Fire Chief Eric McMahon.

McMahon says that two of those firefighters will have to come back to the hospital for follow-up care.