TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Troy is asking residents to take an online survey to identify lead service lines at privately-owned homes and properties. Troy’s water mains do not contain lead, the water service line running from the water main to your home may be made of lead, especially if your house was built before 1940. The survey and instructions are available at

Troy regularly tests for lead in its drinking water. Lead levels in the water from the Tomhannock Reservoir are non-detectable by current testing standards, and there is no measurable increase when water flows from the Tomhannock Reservoir to the water treatment facility. Nor is there an increased lead level in the water flowing in the mains running from the facility and beneath the streets.

However, in some older homes lead may be present in the pipe connecting the home to the water system – known as a service line – or in the home plumbing. Lead in service pipes, plumbing or fixtures can dissolve, or particles can break off into water and end up at the tap.

Lead in drinking water, although rarely the sole cause of lead poisoning, can significantly increase a person’s total lead exposure. Lead enters drinking water primarily from the corrosion or wearing away of material containing lead in water service lines and household plumbing.