Rensselaer was hit by a sweeping rainstorm that took out power to more than 200 customers at the height of the storm. Some folks trapped in their home.

Wednesday night, trees and wires came down in several locations throughout the city. Fire, police, even city coding were out surveying the damage.  One person using a neighbor’s cell phone, told us they were trapped inside their home at eight Aiken Avenue.

“We found out we were stuck well obviously we were on the porch and saw this giant tree fall down and I Know there are power lines that go up and down this alley,” says Nick Kittle

Mayor Michael Stammel reminding residents that it’s best to stay inside because of the potential of live wires. Another neighbor described the ordeal from an adjacent backyard saying he has never seen anything like this before.

“I was on the phone with the neighbors, and you could actually hear the lighten crack thorough the phone and she started screaming the tree is coming down the tree is coming down. So, I started running towards the front of the house because I know how monstrous this tree is and it sounded like a train pummeling trough,” Michael Margiasso says.

As Mayor Stammel toured the streets with other city officials he assured neighbors utility crews are   working around the clock. 

“I just want the public to know our department of public works is doing everything they can to remove trees and open streets. National grid has a couple of crews here in the city of Rensselaer,” said Mayor Stammel.

The quick moving storm packed a punch for Rensselaer with a reported one and half inches of rain falling in less than an hour.  Power services have been restored to most of the area.