RENSSELAER CO. N.Y. (News10)-Even the sturdiest of trees were no match for Mother Nature during the March 14th storm that blew through New York’s Capital Region. Trees snapped under the blanket of heavy wet snow in Rensselaer County, a huge stately one right outside of Tim Weklar’s Averill Park home.

“5:30 this morning, we heard a big, huge crash, bang, boom. And I walked out to my front porch to see what was going on and open the door and I saw that my porch was completely collapsed in,” said Weklar. The front of his home including the front porch now lays crumpled under a tangled mess of huge limbs. Weklar says the power lines connected to his home also came down.

“Part one, get the power back on. And get it a little more safe here. And then we’ll worry out about tree removal and rectifying the damage to the porch and roof and whatever else is going on,” he said.

Rensselaer County was hard hit during the storm, resulting in slick and messy roads, and huge tree limbs bending under the weight of wet snow. The storm damaged trees, then took down power lines. Crews worked to restore electricity to residents like Crystal Stockin and her daughter Mickenzie Marshall. But the Poestenkill family turned any frustration at not having power into a day of fun, choosing to enjoy winter’s big finale. “Enjoy it. Yeah, the last of mother nature of this year,” she told News10’s Anya Tucker.

During a Facebook live message, Rensselaer County Executive Steve McLaughlin and Jay Wilson, the Rensselaer County Bureau of Public Safety Director encouraged residents to stay home. “Stay home if you can. Enjoy your family. Don’t go out unless you have to. That’s going to help us clear things up and then we’ll get back on track,” said McLaughlin. Wilson added, “If you are near elderly, round near where you live, please check on them. Make sure they are OK. And again, if you’re able to, clear out the hydrants around your area. Just help emergency services out.”

As for Tim Weklar, he says he’s taking things in stride. “That’s the most important thing, everyone is safe. Insurance covers these things so. Hopefully.”