The Travers Stakes is one of the area’s largest economic drives for the city. Now that the horses have ran the track, the crowds head out to run the city having a safe and good time.

The Travers means so much more than just a horse race and money to the racetrack, it always helps Saratoga Springs, the small businesses and it even helps local youth make a big impact to local charities.

“We do always on opening day. Saturday and mostly on Travers, always on Travers,” said Elle Vivighaus.

North America’s oldest coffee house, Caffé Lena is also feeling the benefits from the crowds.

“We have such a busy night tonight. Actually, were having three shows. Usually we just do one,” says Sarah Craig Executive Director, Caffe Lena.

Next door, Solevo saying they are ready for the influx and have upped the ante on staffing to handle the record crowds.

“We have a few people that are servers that kind of coming in to be extra support for the staff we are staff in the kitchen through our staff at the front of the house just to prepare for the rush we get,” says Joseph Solevo, Front House manager.

Mayor Ron Kim telling us this is one of the city’s largest events and it brings a large impact to the Spa City and the businesses there.

“It always helps our city to have all these visitors here. We put on a great show for them.  NYRA does, downtown does and people get to see what Saratoga Springs is all about,” says the Mayor.

While racegoers celebrated the glitz and glamor of a successful Travers, three young women are thinking of the less fortunate. They set up a lemonade stand to benefit children with cancer.

“We just want to make a big difference and help kids that have cancer. I just want to try our best make some kids feel better,” said Emma Kraszewski

Last year the girls earned $900 for the charity of their choice. This year, they are hoping to raise $1000 to aid St. Jude’s Children Hospital.

Travers is considered to be the largest event of the racing season and folks are reminded to drink and play responsibly. Or the police will have to intervene.