Training your dogs during quarantine


NEWS10 – Dogs give us endless love and affection. If you didn’t already know, they also follow our daily routines. With so many stuck at home and having extra free time, experts say now more than ever, whether you have a puppy or a middle aged dog, you have a much greater responsibility to train them.

“It’s the same like people, we can lose our social skills and so can dogs,” Certified god trainer, Alissa Mosier, CPDT-KA, said. “Take them out for walks keep your social distance you know you don’t have to get within six feet, some dogs would probably prefer you don’t get with in six feet.”

Dogs are like family and for puppies, the first year is the most important. However, when you can’t socialize, Mosier says you need to get creative.

“If you can’t bring your puppy to them, be that person for your puppy so put on a winter coat, open an umbrella, put on a baseball cap, a soccer hat, sunglasses, masks, just different things so your puppy isn’t scared when things come along that they haven’t seen before,” Mosier said.

For older dogs who have been following your routine for years, owner of Good Choice Dog Training Becky Hutchins says don’t be afraid to make them think.

“Just teach them some tricks. Take 10 minutes and teach them some tricks,” Hutchins said. “It will help use their brain, build their confidence, give them something to do and it looks cute!”

These games and tricks don’t have to expensive. Something easy to do around the house is to take three cups, hide one or two treats underneath them and mix them around, then let your dog find them. Both Hutchins and Mosier say for puppies, you should create new surfaces for them to walk over, so they’ll learn that not on everything on earth is smooth.

While many love to be around their pets, since were around so much, both Hutchins and Mosier say to avoid separation anxiety, you need make them get used to being away from you.

“Keep the crate a positive place, where they get a chew because we don’t want to leave them and then find out they are barking or they’re destructive or they’re stressed out in their crate because they’re out of practice,” Mosier said.

For more guidance on how to train your dog during quarantine, they’ve posted videos on YouTube.

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