Updated 2/11/2022

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10)-To help paint a picture of vaccine distribution across New York’s many regions and counties, the state created a COVID-19 vaccine tracking website in early 2021. The site was updated recently to include other statistical vaccine data.

The state began reporting the number of vaccines administered in each county beginning February 18, 2021. Initially, NEWS10 created graphs with the information provided on the state’s COVID vaccine tracking website.

Now that more information is available NEWS10 has been able to use that information to create more up-to-date graphs that look at the percentage of 18+ vaccinated and vaccination percentages by age group. Below is a breakdown of statistics including percentages vaccinated statewide and regionally as well as in Capital Region counties.

Statewide vaccination totals

18+ Population

Total Population


Regional Vaccination Totals

Capital Region Counties Vaccination Totals

Nursing Homes

Adult Care Facilities