UTICA, NY (WUTR/WFXV/WPNY) – The frigid temperatures this weekend could cause your pipes to freeze. Eyewitness News spoke with The Executive Director of the Mohawk Valley Water Authority Patrick Becher about how you can prepare your home for the extreme weather.

“If you wake up and you have no water in a bathroom or a kitchen sink or something check your other sinks first and see if you have water else where it could be there is a water main break going on in the area and the water on the whole street is shut down but if you’re getting water put of some of your fixtures and not others that’s a sure sign of a frozen pipe someplace,” said Patrick Becher.

If you do have a frozen pipe, the next step is to trace the plumbing to a boxed in area where you can let in some heat, and make sure to leave the faucet on so that when the water expands it will start to run. Becher explains what you can do to prepare so that this does not happen to your home.

“If necessary keep the water flowing at a slow trickle the extra cost of the water is nothing compared to the cost you’ll pay with a plumber if your pipes burst also in your basement if you have some broken windows cover that up with plywood or cardboard to stop the draft from coming in,” said Becher.

In addition to those tips, make sure that there are not any drafts of cold air blowing on your water meter or service pipe. Becher also says that its important to insulate your pipes with products such as pipe sleeves or heat tape. Another area of concern is for trailers or manufactured housing that’s elevated with no basement, where there could be a draft underneath your home. 

“That’s an area where you probably want to run your water overnight as long as its going down below zero,” said Becher.

If you have any concerns about your pipes you can contact the mohawk valley water authority at 315-792-0301.