A change of plans for Thursday Night Live in Bennington. After a band member got covid and record high temperatures turned the night into something a little different.

Instead, party goers were invited to attend a Splash Dance Party. Folks reveled in the splash pad and vendors were finishing their set up as the event time inched closer. But, within minutes the sky turned black, lightning was striking, and the vendors began packing up. 

“The weather goddess is saying the thing to do Let’s just dance in water you know the band got sick and so let’s just dance in water, but we might have more water than we want. Because it always threatens to rain on Thursdays I have found since I started Thursday Night Live,” said Jenny Dewar, Executive Director at Better Bennington Corporation.

As the storms made their way through Bennington the rain came down heavily. The splash dance party was canceled. And, around town, a tree on Water Street came toppling down onto a house.

“It’s the second time. Like I said, a tree has fallen on my on the trailer. One like six months ago on the back side. Same place, same corner,” said Lisa Lown

We also spotted a tree down near a church and small branch on the sidewalk from the storm rolling through. City streetlights and local businesses kept operating.

Officials with Vermont Green Mountain Power tell us at the peak of this storm about 340 customers lost power. Green Mountain Power is reminding customers if they see downed power lines to stay away and call for help.