SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Three Utica men have pleaded not guilty in connection with an officer-involved shooting in Saratoga Springs. Alexander Colon, Christopher Castillo and Darius Wright are each charged with third-degree attempted assault.

Police say they were allegedly involved in a fight with Vito Caselnova that quickly evolved into a shooting last November. According to police, once they arrived on scene, they told the men to drop their guns. Caselnova allegedly did not drop his gun, police then fired several shots. The shooting injured both Caselnova and his girlfriend.

Caselnova, a Sheriff’s Deputy in Rutland County, was indicted and arraigned last month. He’s facing several charges including attempted murder, assault, menacing and possession of a firearm in a sensitive location. He pleaded not guilty to those charges. His trial is slated to begin on July 31.

Colon, Castillo, and Wright are scheduled to appear in court on June 6.