WILLIAMSTOWN, M.A. (NEWS10) — A group of Williams College students volunteered for eight hours to create a 15-foot tall snowman for all to enjoy in the quad. With a bucket hat, tree branches for arms,  and two eyes made out of red solo cups—this snowman is the brainchild of 19-year-old Syl Foisy.

“It’s been so amazing to see how the community was united,” Foisy said. “The football team came out to take pictures. I think some people came over from the nursing home!”

Foisy is a Sophomore at Williams who loves all things meteorology, including snow. He’s created several of these giant snowmen over the years in his hometown but creating a sculpture with his classmates is a first.

Syl said the key to creating the massive snowman is using wet snow and piling it high with the help of ladders. After the pile is high enough, Syl uses a shovel to carve out that iconic three-tier snowman shape.

Syl calls the snowman “big fella.” Ever since the student group created the snowman, all kinds of people have been coming out to meet him in the quad and snap a picture. “Just having something to be excited about, especially at a time when there’s not as much as there usually is to be excited about,” Foisy said.