SCHODACK, N.Y. (NEWS10) — An elderly German shepherd found the perfect home after he was found abandoned in Schodack. Loyal, sweet, and upwards of 13 years old, there’s no doubt that Zeus is a good companion. However, on January 6th, a resident found him wandering alone near Miller Road.

Schodack resident, Aaron Tucker, called the police who contacted Schodack Dog Control Officer, Maggie Banker, for assistance. After several days, it was clear that no one was going to claim the older German Shepard. So, like many other abandoned animals, Banker took him in. She said she was worried Zeus would spend his last days stuck in a shelter or worse.

After posting pictures of Zeus online, Banker received a surprising offer from a man in Hoosick Falls. He offered to give Zeus a forever home. Banker said the man had just lost his beloved dog on Christmas Eve, so, the match was meant to be.  

“He’s an older man, home all the time. And he said he would like to adopt Zeus; he’s looking for another best friend,’ Banker said. “I explained to him there is not a long-term life expectancy with this dog. He said he didn’t care, and dogs like this have no place to go.”

On Thursday, Zeus met his new best friend, and Banker said he’s already settling into his new home and enjoying a warm doggie bed in Hoosick Falls.