SCHODACK, N.Y. (NEWS10) – One Schodack woman comes to visit officers at the Police Department several times a week just to thank them for their service. This week, officers found a way to return her kindness during the cold weather.

Irene has stopped by the Schodack Police Department for over five years to chat with the officers, and she always comes bearing gifts. She hands out everything from coffee to bags of potato chips. Schodack Officer Matt Montross said the officers often ask Irene if she needs a ride home, but she always declines. She has never asked for anything in return in all those years.

So, when Irene shared that her water was no longer working during the cold snap, the officers didn’t hesitate to step up. They called her a plumber and made regular visits to her home during patrols to drop off ample supplies until the plumber could fix the issue days later.

Montross said this is what Schodack is all about—a sense of community. “She knows we are here if she needs us, and it’s great she’s comfortable enough with us to say, hey, I need a hand,” Montross said. “It’s nice to be able to return the favor. Especially because with that age group, they don’t ask for help.”

Irene’s water is back up and running. She has, of course, already visited the officers to say thank you and bring them bars of chocolate. Schodack Police hope this serves as a reminder to check on your neighbors during these extreme temperatures. You never know when an “Irene” might need your help.