ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10)- The mental health effects of the coronavirus, remote learning, and isolation for young students may not be fully realized for years. The U.S. has never experienced a health emergency like that of COVID-19 making it difficult to predict how it will affect children/teens now and into the future.

There is little to no research available studying the mental health state of students during the coronavirus pandemic says School Mental Health Resource and Training Center Project Director at the Mental Health Association in New York State, Inc., Amy Molloy.

Even without specific research available, Molloy says relying on current knowledge of children’s mental health can help get a perspective as to what a child is experiencing.

Molloy says children who already have a preexisting mental health condition, diagnosis, or previous trauma are more likely to suffer from the effects of isolation. For parents and caregivers who may be worried about their child(ren), there are indicators they may be suffering from poor mental health.

The school environment will be vastly different from previous years. Parents and caregivers can help children by preparing them ahead of time. Molloy says along with helping children adjust to school hours by adjusting sleep times, they can also practice good hygiene skills like hand washing and wearing a mask.