LAKE GEORGE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Some may look at The Great Escape’s newest attraction, towering 16 stories above the park’s Ghost Town, and think that it can’t be too different from the nearby Sasquatch.

They’d be surprised. While the Sasquatch drops riders straight down from on high, the new Adirondack Outlaw loads two groups of passengers onto the ends of a pinwheel, spinning them at up to 50 mph.

It also stops each group at the top, giving them a few minutes to enjoy a high view of Lake George, the Adirondacks, and the entirety of the Six Flags park.

At over 165 feet high and stationed on the highest elevation in the park, the Outlaw is the new tallest ride The Great Escape has to offer. The hope was to switch it on in 2020, but after the setback of COVID-19, it was just opened on July 2.

Also new is Red Garter Corral, a new hybrid entryway for both the Outlaw and the Steamin’ Demon roller coaster, the park’s front-facing ride looming over Route 9.

The park started its 2021 season only open on weekends, but switched to daily admission in late June. It also hosted a 4th of July celebration on Sunday.