NEW PALTZ, N.Y. (NEWS10) -Cannabis is budding out across the state, now taking root in New Paltz. This comes as growers are meeting up to have an accessible way to sell without a local dispensary.

Organized by High Falls Canna, Director of Cannabis Operations, Matt Brewer, describes the Cannabis Growers Showcase as a partnership between those in the industry. “We’re excited to invite other farmers and friends and processors to this first annual event.”

This is the first time New Paltz has had local, legal access to marijuana outside of the legacy, or illegal market. The sellers also took this time to make connections with their customers. “They can take a look, they can meet the farmer, they can talk about the products and now they can purchase the products,” described Brewer.

Just like those buying cannabis, this is the first time some growers have been able to sell their goods. “Now we have an avenue for these farmers to showcase themselves, no matter what is going on behind the scenes,” explained NOWAVE Owner and Compliance Officer, Brian Lane.

With growers having problems getting their CAURD licenses due to a temporary restraining order, the showcase allows them to finally make a profit. The Office of Cannabis Management has responded to the situation with the following statement:

“The Office of Cannabis Management (OCM) is aware of the Court’s Order and is adhering to its requirements. We are actively communicating with CAURD applicants and provisionally approved licensees to inform them of the impact of the Court’s order on OCM operations.”

In the meantime, the growers showcase will continue in the area until the end of the year, or a dispensary opens nearby. “We will be here every Thursday from Saturday. 4p.m. to 8p.m., Thursday and Friday, and 1.p.m. to 8p.m. on Saturdays,” said Brewer. The location of the event is the New Paltz Municipal Parking Lot, 25 Plattekill Avenue, New Paltz, N.Y. 12561.