ROUND LAKE, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Two teenagers went fishing and saw a family in distress so they stepped in to help.

It was a classic case of being in the right place at the right time. Seventeen year old’s AJ Powhida and Carson Starr headed out to Round Lake for some Kayak fishing. That’s when they saw two adults and one child waving at them from a larger motorized boat.

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“I realized the front end of the boat was slowly lowering, I yelled to Carson, I said that boat’s sinking, and that was about it, we just started paddling over” said Powhida. 

The boys’ calm demeanor is no accident. The pair are certified lifeguards.

Powhida and Starr proceeded to get their kayaks closer to the family in distress.

“It’s definitely important to know how to move yourself in a kayak cuz if you need to get to somebody like we did you have to know how to get there quick” Powhida added. 

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The teens calmed the family down and took the critical step of staying on the phone to direct first responders to the accurate rescue location.

“We just kind of comforted them and grab their stuff in case they did sink” Starr said. 

Powhida and Starr say the family centered themselves in the boat which stopped it from sinking. Despite the wind, authorities were able to pull that family’s boat ashore. Water rescue situations are deja vu for the Round Lake Fire Department’s Safety officer Paul Parker

“[Kayakers] don’t realize the wind and the weather changes and they do not have the strength to paddle back” said Parker.

An official cause for the boat’s failure has not been released. The Saratoga County sheriff’s office says damage to the boat’s hull caused it to start filling with water. 

Authorities also suspect that a wooden apparatus that was upholding the boat’s motor was rotting, which caused the motor to break away from the vessel. 

Today’s events were a good example of water preparedness. All of the family members were wearing life jackets.

“Even if you feel you’re a good swimmer you need to wear a personal flotation device” Parker added. 

 For Carson being a lifeguard takes on an important meaning

“ I just wanted to be in a position where somebody needed help so I could help them” he told NEWS10. 

The Safety Officer Parker also says water rescues like these are common during this time of year and that boaters should carry protective equipment and watch the weather before heading out onto the water.