NORTH GREENBUSH, N.Y. (NEWS10) -45 miles per hour is the speed limit on North Greenbush Road; the heavily traveled Route 4. Local police were patrolling the area the night of September 26 when they saw two cars race past them going more than one hundred miles an hour. They followed and the chase was captured on their police cameras.

Dashcam footage from the North Greenbush Police Department shows the first car flying past officers near Dudley Heights. As the police make a three-point turn to follow in pursuit, they are almost hit by the second car. Not far down the road after one car crashed, North Greenbush Police arrested eighteen-year-olds Evan Coon of Brunswick and Daniel Goldston of Troy. Police estimate the cars were going 112 and 110 miles per hour, and the two drivers were charged with reckless endangerment, an illegal speed contest, and more.

“The stretch of roadway between Cooley Mazda and about the RPI tech park is pretty straight. We do have a lot of speed issues through there, but nothing typically this egregious though,” explained Chief of Police, David M. Keevern.

Three passengers between fifteen and seventeen were also involved. The car that lost control took out mailboxes and trash cans before hitting a tree. To the surprise of Keevern, no one was hurt. “We are very lucky there were no injuries in this incident. Though that was remarkable because there should have been fatalities due to the speeds.”

Route 4 still had debris from the incident as of Thursday afternoon. NEWS10’s Anthony Krolikowski went to the houses near the crash and while neighbors did not want to go on camera, they said this road used to be friendly to cyclists and walkers. He also noticed the remains of an animal on the side of the road.

Jetta Smith grew up in the area and has had her business, A Vita Tattoo, since 2009. She wants teens new to the road to remember driving is a big responsibility. “I have kids that I’ve raised on this road. So, it is kind of scary that they’re not taking into consideration families, not just businesses. I can remember being a kid and I can remember speeding. I understand you want to get where you are going, but a motor vehicle is a large weapon.”

The younger teen passengers involved were turned over to their parents. Both eighteen-year-old drivers were released and will now have to appear in North Greenbush Town Court at a later date.