KINGSBURY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Calamity Jane’s Firearms and Fine Shoes was broken into and burglarized for the second time in less than a year. Owners, Jane and Tim Havens, arrived to their store as an active police scene unfolded.

“We got a call at ten of one this morning from the alarm company that they had a break-in,” stated Jane Havens. “They had a perpetrator in custody already. The cooperation between the agencies today was amazing,” said Tim Havens.

Police say they found a teenage male running from the store, and officers tracked him down to Feeder street. Based on what they recovered, it’s a good thing they caught the suspect.

“We noticed that a window was broken and we realized a criminal had gone through the front window. Taken some various guns and ammunition,” explained Jane Havens.

This was not the first time Calamity Jane’s has dealt with something like this. A break-in occurred last October with firearms stolen. While dealing with the legality of their last dilemma, Havens saw a larger issue at play.

“There is definitely a drug problem in this area. Criminals break into gun stores and if they keep the criminals on the streets and they don’t put them away, then more business are going to be broken into,” stated Jane Havens.

Havens decided to take matters into her own hands, creating the Ace-High Annie Sporting Foundation. “We’re going to be working on teaching kids a solid foundation, and ethics. The things that keep them off of drugs, that keep them busy and productive,” described Jane Havens.

And when it comes to their area and the store, Havens assures NEWS10 their family will continue their efforts no matter what happens. “We’ll always be community people, and you can do whatever you want to us. As long as there’s wind in these lungs, we’re gonna do for this community. Because all people aren’t bad, just a few,” stated Tim Havens.