ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — If you had one wish, who would you want to meet? For 16-year-old Giovanna Boggeri, the choice was obvious: WWE Superstar Drew McIntyre.

Giovanna and her father were flown in from California’s Bay Area to meet McIntyre before Friday’s WWE Smackdown at the MVP Arena. Giovanna has epilepsy and this was her Make a Wish; which she says was an absolute dream come true.

“Because you know, he’s one of my favorite wrestlers and he’s just like a great guy and great awesome guy,” Giovanna says.

During the entire meet and greet, she was barely able to contain her excitement; especially when she and McIntyre were filming videos to send back to friends and eager fans. Giovanna walked away with nearly a dozen autographed signs, posters, and even the shirt on her back for her to display proudly at home and as she watches McIntyre ringside Friday night.

This is the first Make a Wish at a live WWE event since February 2020 and one of Drew McIntyre’s first.

I always say the best part of the job these days, you know as a kid you want to raise the titles and be in the ring and have all the success, but it’s what can I do outside the ring? What can I do to make a difference? I work with the Special Olympics and I’m an ambassador there, but the idea that somebody would ask to see Drew McIntyre as their wish for Make a Wish is just surreal and unbelievable to me and to meet my biggest fan is pretty cool too,” McIntyre says.