Teen denied entry into homecoming dance due to jumpsuit


(FOX NEWS) — A Florida teen claims she was turned away from her homecoming dance all because she wore a jumpsuit instead of a dress.

17-year-old Darcy Krueger of Tampa choosing to go home instead of changing into a dress in order to attend her homeschool homecoming dance last month.

She says an event planner turned her away at the door for violating dress code which stated all girls needed to wear “semi-formal dresses.”

Krueger’s mom posted about the ordeal online and a photographer reached out to do a photo shoot for free.

The pictures meant to show Krueger’s inner strength and beauty.

Her pictures have now gone viral online with many supporting her outfit and describing it as “chic.”

Meanwhile, the event planner who turned her away she reportedly told local media the dress code was submitted and approved by parents.

Since her job was to enforce the rules she sent Krueger home to change.

The dance was for homeschooled children and not associated with any schools.

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