(ABC4) – A pregnant man, beans, a lip bite, and a face trying not to see what is happening are among the latest emojis expected to roll out within the next year based on a draft from the Unicode Consortium, which decides what emoticons we see.

Emojipedia has illustrated the new draft emojis, which you can see below, ahead of World Emoji Day on Saturday, July 17. Other notable emojis include a cup pouring liquid, bubbles, a disco ball, and a playground slide.

If you are familiar with emojis, you can see the newest ones continue the trend of being more racially and gender-inclusive.

Each of the emojis with hands and faces can be changed to any skin tone and, in some cases, to include two different skin tones.

Others are gender-inclusive, like the “person with crown,” or the “pregnant man” and “pregnant person.”

While most emojis, through the new update, will have a gender-neutral option, some are still under review, according to a Unicode Emoji Subcommittee report. The report indicates this is because it is unclear what a fitting gender-neutral approach entails.

For example, “sometimes a doctor is just a doctor,” Unicode explains.

The above emojis are just a draft of what could be approved for Emoji 14.0. Which emojis are approved are based on Unicode approving them for use in September, and manufacturers like Apple and Samsung rolling them out to users.

In April, Apple released iOS 14.5, featuring new emoji options like a heart on fire, a bandaged heart, “a face exhaling,” and an update to the couple kissing and couple with heart emojis.

To see Unicode’s draft of emoji candidates, and to provide feedback on the proposed emojis, visit Unicode’s website. Have an idea for an emoji? Here is how to submit an emoji proposal.