ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Livingston Energy Group, a New York based provider of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, announced plans to install 20 charging stations at Crossgates Mall.

The project is expected to break ground this January and be ready for shoppers within a few months.

“Each year, we welcome millions of shoppers to Crossgates, and each year more and more of them arrive in electric vehicles,” said Crossgates General Manager J. Michael Gately. “We are eager to meet the needs of EV drivers and provide them with the opportunity to charge their vehicles while shopping, dining, relaxing at the spa or watching a movie. What’s more, Crossgates has always been committed to environmental responsibility. Installing electric vehicle car charging stations is the next thing we can do to honor that commitment.”

“Crossgates is setting a great example as a community leader in environmental responsibility.” said Jason Zarillo from Livingston Energy Group. “When driving an electric car, you don’t stop for gas anymore, you simply top off your battery as you go. A destination like Crossgates is a perfect place for drivers to spend some time while charging up.”   

According to Crossgates’ website, there are currently 20 Tesla charging stations.