ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A local high school sophomore, Alex Livingston, has won Texas Instruments’ National Gen-STEM, photo contest.

The Gen-STEM contest is a national contest hosted by former NFL player turned mathematician, John Urschel. He asked students and teachers to submit photos of how STEM inspired them.

Livingston is a sophomore at Tech Valley High in Albany.

He is also a volunteer with the Civil Air Patrol Cadet Program, he’s also the youngest pilot in his solo gliding club, and has nearly 25 hours of flight time already logged.

The national contest, the biggest prize was a trip to Dallas, Texas to meet up with a real pilot for Southwest Airlines to get the behind the scenes details of being a real pilot. It’s a program called “STEM on the fly.” The point of it all is to teach science and math concepts, like “Bernoulli’s Principle.”