NEW YORK (PIX11) — Twenty years after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, current high school students are not old enough to have witnessed the day, or to have experienced how it disrupted every aspect of society.

Inside the classroom, high school social studies teachers are not only teaching kids about global security and the role of our government, but the impact they can have on our society. Greg Monte and Mike Scherer, social studies teachers at FDR High School in Brooklyn, have a complex job of helping their students understand civic virtue and civic engagement.

Students must think about what role they will play to achieve the world they want. “Civic virtue is when a person does something good and expects nothing in return. No fortune and fame, nor political power,” Scherer said.

Their lesson includes the major overhaul and security our country has seen, from the waterway surrounding New York City, to the major airports across the country. A generation who never saw the Twin Towers standing may learn that recovering from Sept. 11 represented a shining example of resiliency.