NEW YORK (NEWS10) – When it comes to politics Americans have clashing opinions. But people are seeing eye-to-eye in the adult world, and they probably don’t even know it.

The site “Pornhub” has just released a survey that finds the word ‘lesbian’ is searched more than any other word on their domain in the majority of the United States – including right here in New York.

The ‘lesbian’ search ranked highest in 30 out of 50 states. In California the survey states there were 187,000 searches for girl-on-girl videos just last month.

In Mississippi, Delaware and Georgia the top search term was ‘ebony’. In Louisiana it was ‘black’; and in Hawaii – ‘Asian’.

Those living in Vermont, Tennessee, Nebraska, Arkansas reportedly have a fetish for ‘cartoon’ porn, while states in the north such as Maine, Montana, Wyoming, Minnesota and Ohio searched for ‘step-sister’.

Rhode Island also showed a taste for the term ‘MILF.’