(NEWS10) — As you make your way down the grocery aisles it’s common to deliberate which products are the best bang for you buck.

Now there are multiple manufacturers who produce similar, and according to the latest Consumer Reports study, better products than original brands.

Researchers tested name brands against generic brands and the results found buying generic brands were equal or better than well-known labels.

Additionally, a survey conducted by big data corporation, IRI, found that 75% of people believe generic brands are just as good as original brands. Out of 57 store food brands tested, professional taste testers at Consumer Reports said 33 brands were just as good as their rivals.

The study also found buying generic products like frozen foods, pain relievers and cleaning products can save consumers up to 30% at the grocery store.

So next time you shop at the grocery store, take a look at the competitors price tag and ratings; you could end up saving money in the end.