Lawmakers in Albany are grappling with increasing violence in the city. While one council member is still asking the mayor’s office to remove the chief of police there is growing support for the chief.

Albany Common Council 10th ward member Owusu Anane says he has lost confidence in the chief and is standing by his previous statement. 

“As for who can do a better job, its why I think the administration needs to remove Hawkins and begin the search for a new police chief, with community input, so we can find someone who can do a better job. Clearly the status quo is not working, and we need change” 

The Common Council releasing a letter today showing support for the chief and containing the following statement, “recently, one of our members shared their view on Chief Hawkins’ tenure. That member further stated that ‘seven members of the Council have privately agreed’ to this view. This statement is inaccurate.” Continuing, “the promise that we make is that we will continue to work hard for Albany and to make our communities stronger and safer. We will work together with anyone willing to achieve those goals. We look forward to solutions and positive change.”

The mayor’s office agreeing.

“Mayor Sheehan has made her position very clear regarding this matter, and now Council Leadership has made their position clear.” – David Galin Chief of Staff to Mayor Kathy Sheehan.

We caught up with the chief at a Teen Night for The Boys and Girls Club where he was able to share his thoughts.

“It’s Good to know that there’s support for some of the things that we’re doing in the police department some of the things I’m doing personally,” said Chief Hawkins.

The chief telling NEWS 10 he is still focused on the safety of the city.

“People want a police chief that is able to be above the fray and is able to see the big picture and is able to collaborate even when things even when there’s criticism and even when there’s disagreement.” The chief continued, “but, it doesn’t distract me you know even when I got the initial criticism, I understand that there’s work to be done.”