WARRENSBURG, N.Y. (NEWS10) – This year’s Warrensburg Bike Rally is following the tire tracks of Americade, and rescheduling for September.

With that comes uncertain futures, and likely fewer vendors.

Organizer Edward Zibro said part of planning the rally in 2021 means thinking about human safety in a lot more ways than just road safety.

The same was echoed by Americade organizer Christian Dutcher, who announced Americade’s dates of Sept. 21-25 back in January.

Dutcher says one challenge about that change is the loss of traffic to the restaurants and other businesses through the Adirondacks that could really use the financial injection.

At the same time, one benefit is that their festival coincides with the Adirondack Balloon Festival.

Dutcher says the only challenge there is that area police that would normally help monitor the roads for Americade riders will instead be helping with ballon fest security, which will take some adjusting.

More info on Americade is set to come out later this week, with more from the Warrensburg Bike Rally in the weeks to come.