(WXIN/WTTV) — Subway has organized a massive sandwich giveaway to celebrate its new menu and ordering system. The chain named 12 sandwiches to its new “Subway Series” as it looks to streamline its offerings.

Sandwiches will now be divided into one of four categories (cheesesteaks, italianos, chicken, and clubs) with three sandwiches each. Subway said all 12 sandwiches are new to the menu, but some are effectively replacing current options. “The Boss,” for example, is a reworked Meatball Marinara.

Subway said it tested hundreds of recipes before selecting the final 12 sandwiches. The company noted that customers can still customize their sandwiches and that the point is to reduce customer wait times. Subway customers typically get in line and watch as employees make their sandwiches and add items along the way in response to customer requests.

The “Subway Series” offerings are meant to be enjoyed as-is with pre-determined ingredients. “While guests are still able to order their go-to customized classic, Subway is encouraging fans across America to try the best sandwich they’ve never created,” according to a news release.

The chain is calling this the “most significant menu update” in its nearly 60 years. The new menu includes a revamped ordering system in which guests will say a sandwich number or name and inform workers whether they want the six-inch or footlong version.

Subway customers can sample a free sandwich on July 12. The company will give away up to 1 million six-inch subs between 10 a.m. and noon at participating locations. Customers can pick from one of the 12 Subway Series sandwiches.

The menu shakeup comes a year after Subway decided to revamp the menu as party of the “Eat Fresh Refresh” campaign. The company has also endured waves of publicity centered on legal attempts to prove that Subway’s tuna sandwich is actually devoid of tuna.

Take a look at the new menu below: