ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — During a long commute, drivers think, listen to music, talk on the phone and of course eat to distract themselves from the long drive. Gunther Mazda took a look at commuters in 2022 and how much calories they consume on their drive to work.

According to a study by Gunther Mazda, the average New York commuter ate over 190,000 calories while driving in 2022. The study explains 75% of commuters say that the more time they spend on their commute, the less time they spend exercising when they get home. Despite the potential health detriment, 49% would opt for a higher paying job if they had to commute more. This adds to concern as a person’s likelihood of becoming obese increases by 6% every hour they spend commuting. Long commute times are also linked to factors like insufficient physical activity, and poor sleep habits, explains Gunther Mazda.

The study concluded Nevada as the state that consumed the most calories while commuting, 287,000. Maine ranked at the bottom of the list with possibly shorter distances to travel consuming only 65,000. On average, a driver in the U.S consumed 199,997 calories while commuting.

Chips, burgers and fries land at the top of the list of foods drivers consume on the way to and from work. Burritos, chocolate, tacos and ice cream round out the list as lesser popular foods to eat while driving but still relevant. Joseph Gunther IV at Gunther Mazda states, “Spending a lot of time in the car can clearly encourage unhealthy habits,” “As more and more of us return to pre-pandemic levels of commuting, perhaps now would be a good time to re-set and change eating habits, so we feel healthier generally and more alert behind the wheel.”